Unlocking the secrets of craft beers

The secret of the craft beer explosion is there is some induction to a new secret – the artisan skills in the brewing art are preserved, rescued and made available to a new audience who want to discover something new and different.

If you take a great exemplar of craft – Freedom Brewery – then it takes the single simple message – here the top notes of Cascade hops – and plays them to some effect. The subtle balanced nuancing of malt notes in the brewing process is reduced to a support act that is there to give the hops a moment in the sun.

The fact that there are new and different hop types and notes matters – because that gives a fresh twist to the delivery – the citrus notes help to reinforce that fact – again in the head space and the retro nasal passage because of when the hops are added – but it seems to be ingredient driven in the experience – reinforcing the crafted values.

But we should turn the telescope around. What are the craft beer values emotionally – innovation within a traditional crafted matrix (excitement and also reliability). There is a stylish modernity alongside a tradition – think Hackett clothes or some other brand. Have you noticed (well no, you won’t have) that Selfridges has promoted crafted products in their display – Hackett, Barbour, Lobb et al are all getting star billing. Now is the time for skilled artisans with a point of difference.

The secret is a minimalism – delivering the messages of excellence and quality alongside a twist based on genuine ingredients.

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