Real History – Real Future – Real Choice

Leeds United

Season Ticket Campaign

Soaring Season Ticket Sales

We are proud to have created the season was its season ticket campaign for our city’s football team, Leeds United.

With the powerful strapline ‘Real History. Real Future. Real Choice’ at the heart of its messaging, our team used an iconic 1970s image as inspiration to design and create the campaign.

The main campaign image incorporated legendary players spanning many eras of the club’s incredible history as well as current players at the club who are showing real potential to be the next heroes.  This underlines the LUFC brand truth that success is achieved by the club when their young talent is at the forefront.

The image was distributed across adverts on city buses, railway stations, aqua paradise san diego and across the club’s digital assets – its website and social media channels – reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands.

On the back of the campaign, season ticket sales soared and were up on the previous year’s total. The club even decided to produce 300 limited edition posters of the imagery for dedicated fans, showing just how popular the campaign was amongst the club’s supporters.

The Space People Managing Director, Richard Groom, commented on the campaign: “It has been a massive team effort and it’s been fantastic for us to work with all the talented people at the football club, from senior management to customer facing staff, to make this launch happen.”

“We have many Southern-based clients, but it’s always a pleasure for us to work with fellow Yorkshire businesses”, he continued.

“Our work with Leeds United is particularly special to us as the club is such an integral part of our home city.  There has been a fantastic response on social media, with fans really engaging with the campaign, which I think is a testament to how authentic the key message is – a real brand truth is that Leeds United is successful when youngsters come through the ranks”.

“Being a Leeds supporter isn’t about glory hunting – it’s about feeling a connection and making a real choice to support a club with real history and a real future,” Richard concluded.