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Sensory Space


Decoding the Emotions


The quality of any experience, from fine wine to luxury cars, from value ready meals to authentic Thai dining, share something in common – a set of emotional benefits delivered to the consumer which define the quality of the experience.

It really is the emotions which matter.

It is the emotional mosaic, the emotions, their importance, sequence and duration, which define the consumer experience and ultimately the brand’s values. If we can define both what the consumer seeks and what they actually get, we can then orchestrate an experience that delivers, and exceeds, their expectations.

This is easier said than done, for decoding the emotions and understanding their hierarchy and chronology is difficult. That is why most research simply shows the triggers – e.g.. the taste journey – rather than what it actually means.


Sensory Space has a set of unique diagnostic tools and research techniques specifically to decode the consumer experience. This enables us to understand the brand, the consumption experience and how to orchestrate improvements in delivery and communications. We can then design and deliver the outputs – from product design and development briefs all the way through to in-store merchandising materials and brand logos.



The whole process starts with consumer insight and ends with the consumer experience, Sensory Space – Decoding What Matters, Delivering What Delights.


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