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Brand Dubai


Visionary Project

Nakheel is inextricably linked to Dubai, for two main reasons. Firstly, it is a wholly owned entity of Dubai World, the holding company of the Dubai Government’s commercial enterprises. Secondly, Nakheel’s incredibly visionary projects contribute strongly to Brand Dubai.


Three Point Plan

We worked with Nakheel and focused on 3 key areas:

1. Improve the knowledge level of the brand marketing teams

2. Work with them to develop marketing plans for each key development

3. To map out the customer journey for Nakheel and each development, prioritising the development of key touch-points to enhance the customer experience (and ultimately the Nakheel brand perception)


Compelling Campaigns

Developments lay empty with ownership in the hands of investors looking to exploit the Dubai property market. The vision needed owners and occupiers to help drive the vision, part of which is an increasingly diverse population.

Our work was literally hands-on – working in Nakheel’s head office, in Dubai, within the Marketing Department, working closely with each of the brand teams. Together we took their brand plans back to basics and built compelling campaigns for each of their magnificent developments.


Build it and they will come

Developments are not only the assets of large corporate investors but are now lived in, helping fulfil the vision of Sheik Mohammed.

Dubai Waterfront had a commitment from 82% of Fortune 500 companies to have an HQ or Middle Eastern hub at the Waterfront.

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