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Malibu – Postcards from the Airport



New Bottle Design

Malibu wanted to engage travellers in an airport activation program, communicating their new bottle design to their target market.

Their target market of 18-25 year old females is internet-savvy and like to engage with and share content on social media channels.


Say it With a Postcard

Our approach was to create an activation that would highlight the new bottle and engage the audience in a personal interaction with the brand.

The Postcard for the airport concept invited consumers to create a postcard with them as the star.  Using a free standing display unit which housed a camera, printer and networking equipment, an image was taken via an app we developed.  Once the image was captured the background was removed by the host simply outlining the people in the picture and then the fun began.  Different choices for backgrounds, wigs, glasses and whole wardrobe of beards and moustaches were applied to the picture.  Once the participants were happy the image was printed in a postcard format and also shared online on the participants social media platforms.


From Malibu With Love

The campaign was run in airports across Europe.

The Space People 100 Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4LT. United Kingdom