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Lawler Duffy – Live. Every. Detail.

Live. Every. Detail.


Raw British Creativity

The original Lawler Duffy brand was born from the wave of raw British creativity that was found in the late eighties. We created a multi-channel campaign for them.


Salmon Skin

International recognition was gained with the use of innovative materials such as salmon skin, stingray, pony skin, denim and printed leathers. Collaborations with Alexander McQueen added to the esteem the brand was held in.


Lawler Duffy

Nicholas Deakins launched their own Lawler Duffy collection in 2014 and again incorporated pioneering materials and techniques into the new range to create a truly distinctive collection which seeks to capture the spirit of the original brand.

We worked with the Lawler Duffy to team to create a brand strategy that highlighted the brand truth of incredible detailing of the materials and production and overlapped this with the target audiences love of recording every detail in images – seeing and celebrating the detail in everything they do through smartphone photography.


Live. Every. Detail.

The multi-channel campaign played on the story of the film noir classic Jules et Jim. This enabled a raw, energetic portrait of life in the 21st century, shot in stills to emphasise the backdrop of detail around the storyline.

The online/traditional advertising and in-store campaign used a movie creative style.

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