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The prepared vegetable market launched in the ’90’s and soon hit a glass ceiling in terms of volume and frequency of purchase.

We used the unique research methodology of our insights product Sensory Space™, to gain a full understanding of the present customer experience.



It’s About the Emotions

As it is the emotions that define the quality of the consumer experience – and whether the consumer ‘feels’ they have had a great experience. The emotions define the pleasure, the reward and the connection the consumer has – and ultimately loyalty is about preference and we build loyalty by delivering positive and desired emotional benefits time and time again – in short, loyalty requires delight and delight is driven by the emotions.

Given the flat lining figures the prepared vegetable market was not delivering on any of these key drivers.


Inspired Veg

The research results allowed us to work with the Inspire team to create a new customer experience and guide development across the marketing mix, from NPD briefs to packaging design; from price points to digital presence.



Changing Markets

We also worked with the Inspire team to create new brand positioning and design style and importantly messaging that change the dialect in the category.  A look and feel and dialect that changed perceptions and products that changed habits.

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