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Beefeater London



Limited Edition

Beefeater Distillery wanted to create a London-themed limited edition bottle which brought to life what London really means to residents of the city.

Through crowd-sourcing, reached out to students asking them to take photographs of what London means to them, using the bespoke hashtag #MyLondon, with the photos collaborated and arranged for use on the bottle.

What was the campaign all about?

• London is full of intriguing stories waiting to be told
• London is a city shaped by the people who live here
• It is Londoners that help influence and adapt this ever-changing city
• They re-interpret its past and define its future
• See London through the eyes of its citizens


Bottled to Perfection

The campaign was further amplified through in-bar competitions, inviting people to share London images using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

We coded online management sites for each hashtag which drew down every image under the hashtags to enable protection of brand equity and allow Beefeater to repost on social media and consequently judge the winners.



Capital Gains

The campaign opened new doors into extended distribution and greater share of promotional activity programs and the gains stuck.

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